Parenthood “farewell” season trailer reveals a “big” spoiler about that storyline.

We’re working our a**es off. … You’ve gotta make it look authentic. […] As an actor, to have a character that’s so complex — and really all the characters are psychologically very complex — and when it’s set against this backdrop that has an implicit energy and built-in fight to it, I think makes for compelling and challenging storytelling. That was the underlying thing for me. … I’ve never been stretched so much as an artist ever. It’s a small cast, as you can see. The responsibility is heavy on each character. It’s just requiring more of me than anything I’ve ever done, physically and emotionally.

Matt Lauria about his role in Kingdom as a MMA fighter, TCA Portraits by Maarteen de Boer, July 2014.

Matt Lauria and Michelle Armstrong with Jonathan and Tara Tucker, Inaugural event for BKB (Big Knockout Boxing), Las Vegas, August 16 2014

Nick Jonas, Matt Lauria and Jonathan Tucker, Inaugural event for BKB (Big Knockout Boxing), Las Vegas, August 16 2014


Matt Lauria & Taylor Kitsch, Inaugural event for Big Knockout Boxing, Las Vegas, August 16 2014

Ryan’s return confirmed in Parenthood 6x03

From this week Ask Ausiello:

Question: Can you give us a teaser for the sixth and final season of Parenthood? —Ben
Ausiello: Remember that pregnancy test Amber grabbed in the Season 5 finale? Well, showrunner Jason Katims remains tight-lipped about the results, but he can confirm that Matt Lauria’s Ryan will return in Episode 3. Do with that information what you will!

[Parenthood final season started filming last week, Kingdom last day of shooting is today (Aug 12) that explains the little delay.]



"A few will never give up on you. When you go back out on the field, those are the people I want in your minds. Those are the people I want in your hearts."

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Totally forgot about that but Season 2 of It Could Be Worse is now available on Hulu. Matt is in episode 1 (Uncharted Territory).

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