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Matt on Parenthood for at least 10 episodes

From Michael Ausiello/TVLine:

Question: I love this season of Parenthood! It seemed like in the last episode Matt Lauria’s character Ryan had a special connection with Amber. Are we going to see more of that?!—Christine
Ausiello: Oh, yes. That special connection is about to morph into a full-blown romance. Lauria, meanwhile, tells us he’s on board for at least 10 episodes — an arc it sounds like he’d be happy to see extended ever further. “They gave me this amazing gift of playing this part that’s taken me to new depths as an artist and has made me a much more compassionate human being,” the Fright Night Lights vet raves. “I’m on board.”

[Season 4 will have 15 episodes, he wasn’t on the first three so, if NBC doesn’t order additional episodes (like they did last season), he could be in 12.]

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