Caleb/Jarek appreciation - The Chicago Code

"Jarek, represents everything my character looks up to. I know that he goes through new partners like socks. First of all, I like the Cubs and he likes the Sox. That’s unacceptable.

My character’s a sort of whole new breed of cop. The thing I like most about Caleb is that he has a really deep sense of himself. Over time, you begin to see with my character, a lot more is there than meets the eye initially. He’s really sharp.”

The Chicago Code - “Meet Caleb Evers”

It always feels like torture
To be this close

"If you can’t love Chicago, you can’t love anything. This city survived The Great Fire and ended up building the world’s most beautiful skyline. Because if there’s one thing Chicago knows; it’s how to punch back."

"He’s got a gun!"